Snapchat -
Sexting and Bullying


Data Visualisation


May 19, 2023


After Effects and Figma

  • Concept
  • No Trace, No Face

    As Snapchat has disappearing messages, it is the perfect space for cyber bullying and sexting to take place. “No Trace, No Face” is an interactive data visualisation micro site, designed around the concept of users being able to hide their identity and hurtful messages, as Snapchat messages are deleted after 24 hours . This creates the perfect playing field for bullying and sexting as there is no evidence.

    Problem Statement

    Snapchat’s feature of disappearing messages after 24 hours results in high numbers of cyber bullying and sexting among teenagers, which is why it is crucial for parents to be aware of the dangers of social media.

    Key Insight

    Teenagers who use Snapchat are unaware of the fact that that their chats and trace is never fully removed, and this is why sexting and bullying occurs so frequently of the app.

    The Objective

    The purpose of this website is to educate parents about the prevalent dangers of cyberbullying and sexting, particularly within the Snapchat app. The aim was to create an interactive website for parents to grow their knowledge on the risks of social media, by providing statistics and visually engaging content.


    User Flow


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