Monopoly Board Game

Multi-channel integrated campaign

About the Project.

The campaign aimed to reignite users’ passion for a game by leveraging Instagram, pop-up events, and a sticker race. The Instagram component encouraged users to share their game-related stories using #MyMonopolyStory, which were later showcased at a life-sized Monopoly board pop-up event in a mall. The pop-up featured giant game pieces and allowed participants to share their stories on sticky notes. Screens and billboards throughout the mall displayed users’ Monopoly confessions, leading visitors back to the central pop-up. The campaign also included a sticker race, where participants competed to find stickers hidden in the mall, with the fastest three winning a gold playing piece. The graphics were created using Illustrator, Blender, and Photoshop, and for my main role in this project was to create the 3D monopoly board that would be used as a pop-up in a shopping mall.

Multi-channel integrated campaign

Group Project

April 3, 2023

Project Objective

Through this campaign we would like to remind our audience of the fun and joy that monopoly can bring when playing and that they’re never too old to create new memories. 


We found that Monopoly has a strong and loyal customer base that spans generations. The game is able to capitalise on its strong presence on social media by engaging with fans more actively and promoting new products and special editions.

Concept and Solution

'Reignite Your Passion'

Our concept is to reignite players passion for the game through sharing their own crazy Monopoly stories as well as hosting a pop-up with activities as well as a sticker race around the mall that will remind players of the joy they had while playing the game.

Case Study Video


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