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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

November 20, 2023

Reality Composer

The Challenge

To transform a standard business card into an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience that reflects the personality and interests of the card creator.

Problem Statement

In the world of business interactions, traditional business cards often lack the engagement needed to leave a lasting impression. The focus is on gamifying the AR experience to add an element of enjoyment and interaction, breaking away from mundane business card interactions.


Design and implement an AR experience that activates upon scanning a business card, offering users three engaging sports-themed games: soccer, bowling, and Jenga. The objective is to provide a memorable and enjoyable interaction, encouraging users to not only learn about the creator’s interests but also have fun in the process. The solution should prioritize user-friendly controls, ensuring easy navigation between games and clear instructions. The ultimate goal is to enhance networking experiences by combining technology, personal interests, and interactivity;¬†setting a new standard for modern and engaging business introductions.

Demonstration Video

User Flow

LO-FI Wireframes

HI-FI Wireframes


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