Children's Bedtime App

App Design

Concept - Little Learners

“Little Learners” is a bedtime routine app designed to transform the often challenging task of getting children ready for bed into an engaging and enjoyable experience. The app employs a cast of charming characters to guide children through various bedtime activities. From brushing teeth to putting on pyjama’s, each step is accompanied by interactive elements, games, and educational content.

App Design

Figma and Illustrator

June 26, 2023

Problem :

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, it is possible that some parents struggle to establish consistent bedtime routines for their little ones. The hustle and bustle of daily life can pose a challenge when trying to ensure that kids follow a structured bedtime routine. For a growing child, a lack of routine can lead to difficulty falling asleep which ultimately impacts a child’s overall well-being, thus also impacting and affecting the parents.

Objective :

The primary objective of “little learners” to establish or enhance a structured bedtime routine that benefits both children and their parents. The app aims to provide a learning experience that is enjoyable, by incorporating interactive elements and educational content into each step of the routine. By making bedtime engaging and fun, it encourages children to actively participate and follow the routine independently.

With regards to the app characters, the aim was to create three friends with different personalities, that users interact with to compete their tasks. Chipp, Skipaa and Finn each have different facial expressions and hairstyles, demonstrating how each child is completely unique and have their own way of learning and growing up.

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