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3D Modelling

About the Project.

Problem statement

Create an energy-efficient yet aesthetically pleasing shipping container house, designed to maximize space utilisation, insuring correct representation of structural changes, interior layout, and aesthetic aspects while showcasing its practicality for living.



The primary goal of this project is to design a shipping container house that visually and practically shows the transformed container as a liveable residential space, showcasing its innovative design, modified interior layout, incorporation of appropriate amenities, and the integration into a natural environment.



The Shipping Container House welcomes the evolving landscape of modern living by combining industrial character with contemporary design. This showcases how industrial parts can be repurposed to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home. Discover a space designed for convenience, comfort, and style. “Redefining Your Concepts of Home.”

3D Modelling


August 28, 2023


'Beyond the Metal'
Redefining your Concept of Home

The container house is situated in a forest to highlight the state of overpopulation in the world, and to show that in the near future, more people will be moving out of cities and into less confined living areas.  Blender was used to model, texture, add light to, and render the scenes. The container house is suitable for living, is architecturally accurate and to scale. The vision was to create a space that merged industrial containers and the natural environment together, seamlessly.

Orthographic Wireframe Views

Process images from Blender


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